Memorial to Dazy who passed Feb 28, 2024


Dazy moved to Lily's Place in October 2021 along with her son Teddy, and horse friend Tardy,  after their previous caretaker received a terminal cancer diagnosis.


Dazy is a senior and was formally used as a dairy goat. When she was "retired", she was pregnant with Teddy.


Dazy loves being brushed in the spring when she starts shedding her winter coat.


Dazy moved to Lily’s Place in October 2021 after her previous caretaker received a terminal cancer diagnosis. 

Dazy is a senior and has years of stories to tell from before she came into our lives. 

When Dazy’s previous caretaker made a routine trip to pick up feed, Dazy was spotted tied up outside. ⁣ Dazy was very skinny, so her previous caretaker asked what Dazy’s story was. They told her that Dazy was a dairy goat who was surrendered to them because that person lived in an area that wasn’t zoned for goats. ⁣

Needing a home and someone to care for her after her life as a dairy goat, Dazy went home with her previous caretaker. Dazy was pregnant at the time and gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Ted. Ted would have been one of the many babies Dazy gave birth to over her lifetime. 

Although she’s a senior who didn’t have an easy life, Dazy is settling in well at Lily’s Place. She needs arthritis medication on an ongoing basis (typical when the weather changes, or when she has an exciting day of exploring). She also wears an extra warm coat (sometimes two!) as she can’t tolerate the cold winters like she used to.

She’s a very sweet goat who can often be found sunning herself or coming to check out what you might have in your pockets.


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