Occasionally, farm animals in crisis come to Lily's Place for shelter and care while they recover from pain, injury, or distress. After recovery, if they don't require significant medical interventions and are safe to adopt out to the public, these wayward souls transition into a pre-screened & approved adoptive home with a family that will cherish and care for them for the rest of their lives. 

The animals who have found a forever home at Lily's Place are aging and displaced farm animals who require care and attention due to permanent injuries, behavioural challenges, or significant medical interventions that make adoption impossible. 

The Sanctuary

Lily's Place is a small, volunteer-based, vegan-run animal sanctuary for farm animals.  Our organization is a registered charity and funded thanks to the donations of generous and kind-hearted animal lovers.

Be a restorative, inspiring space by ensuring safe refuge is available to displaced farmed animals.

Our Mission


Registered Charitable Organization Number:⁣ 720856400RR0001

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Our vision is for a peaceful world where the lives of farmed animals are cherished and free from harm. We’re working towards a time when farmed animals are able to grow old with dignity, experience enriched lives worth living, and are free from cruelty and suffering.  

Our Vision

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Cultivating a space where all are free from danger or threat as well as aiding farm animals requiring assistance due to precarious circumstances. 


Our Values

Maintaining a calm environment free from unnecessary conflict.


Our Values


Our Values

Providing care that cultivates the best possible health and wellness outcome


Our Values

Aspiring to be steadfast, predictable, and dependable.

Lily’s Place Animal Sanctuary began in Appin, Ontario, in the fall of 2019 with the adoption of 5 ex-battery hens from a local rescue initiative hosted by Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary. 


Our Story

That fall we also gave a home to Sid, a lamb who had broken his leg and had received medical care for approximately 6 months at Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary. Due to the break, and the leg that was compensating (requiring a brace), Sid needed a special home due to his mobility.

We also welcomed Betty, a pregnant sheep to the sanctuary that fall. She was one of the survivors from case of neglect, and after finding immediate shelter and medical care at Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue, Betty came to live at Lily's Place. 

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Our Partners

We received a certificate of recognition from PEACE Canada for participating & completing the Vegan Sanctuary & Compassion For All Pledge.


While we don’t currently have accommodations at the sanctuary for people to stay, The Vegan Stay is revolutionizing vegan travel by supporting sanctuaries 🐑. ⁣


When you book a stay at one of the destinations listed on The Vegan Stay platform, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to sanctuaries around the world. ⁣Our partnership with The Vegan Stay platform allows hosts (people with their accommodations listed on the platform) to pick Lily’s Place Animal Sanctuary as the sanctuary they’d like a donation to go to for each booking. ⁣

Even though we don’t have “a stay”, The Vegan Stay still opens up doors for support for the sanctuary, which is pretty awesome! ⁣ Be sure to hop over to The Vegan Stay to learn more about their mission, get listed if you offer vegan accommodations, and maybe even book your next adventure!

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Lily's Place Animal Sanctuary has officially been certified as a Wildlife-friendly Habitat by the Canadian Wildlife Federation! 

This certification recognizes our commitment to providing a safe and welcoming sanctuary not only for injured, elderly, and displaced farm animals, but also for the incredible wildlife that call Lily's Place home!

By incorporating food, water, and shelter, and maintaining an earth-friendly environment, we are creating a haven for local and migratory wildlife. Our sanctuary has become a habitat for numerous species including Foxes, Coyotes, Deer, Garter Snakes, Raptors like the Bald Eagle and Red-tailed Hawk, and an array of beautiful birds such as the Pileated Woodpecker and Hermit Thrush, to name just a few! 

We are proud to play a role in conservation efforts and actively protect the biodiversity of our area. Our certification as a Wildlife-friendly Habitat reflects our dedication to fostering harmony between animals and their natural surroundings. Together, we are making a difference! 

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