Arriving at the end of september 2019, Sid was the first sheep resident at Lily's Place!


Sid loves being around people and can be spotted joyfully running up to see us, following us around, and just hanging out. He's content to be doing whatever we're doing-especially if we happen to have fresh veggies in our pockets!


Sid is know and the "walmart greeter" of the sanctuary due to his friendly, curious nature. He's always the first sheep to walk up to new people and say hello.


Sid was born in May.

Sid made his way to Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary as a two-week-old lamb with a broken leg. Sid’s leg was broken shortly after he was born, and he went two weeks with no medical care at the farm he was at. A compassionate person noticed and was able to re-home Sid to Cedar Row. 


finding sanctuary

Cedar Row nursed him back to health, including bracing his other back leg that started to turn in from compensating for the previously broken one. 

Cedar Row entrusted Lily's Place to be a forever home for Sid at the end of September.

September 30, 2019
Sid arrived at Lily's Place


moments at Lily's Place

October 2019
Sid's exercise classes begin

October 2019
Sid meets Betty

October 2019
Sid gets Betty involved in his exercise class.

November 2019
Sid experiences snow for the first time.

October 2019
Sid gets baby Gracie involved in his exercise class.

April 2020
Sid is sheared for the first time.

June 2020
Sid meets Punky Brewster and Orphan Annie

June 2020
Sid takes up yoga.

July 2021
Sid moves to New Brunswick along with the rest of the sanctuary animals!

August 201
Sid's exercise classes are back in session!

May 2022
There's a spring in Sid's step!

Stay tuned for more updates on Sid's timeline or head over to our facebook or instagram account for the latest updates.

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