Punky was an 8-week old lamb when she arrived at Lily's Place in 2020.


The place that Punky was born at had plans to send her to market the same weekend she arrived in our care.


Someone who had helped bottle-feed Punky wanted a future of certainty and safety for her, and thankfully we could provide that for Punky.


Punky Brewster found her way to Lily’s Place (along with Orphan Annie) on May 31st, 2020. 

Punky Brewster was 24 hours away from being sent to market along with her friend Annie when she came to us as a lamb.  She was full of parasites, plagued by digestive problems, and needed to be on medication for months. 

Unlike Annie, who would snuggle into us at every chance she got, Punky was aloof and unsure. With time, she became quite fond of Tim. While she doesn’t like being touched by most people and will move away, she stays close to Tim for an opportunity to get some scratches. 

This video is an example of that - Tim was cleaning out a stall, and Punky walked over and stood in the doorway, waiting on Tim to return (with scratches 😅).


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