Gracie is Betty's baby girl (see Betty's bio to learn more about the pregnancy)


Gracie was born at 5 am on January 10th, 2020.


Gracie is the shyest sheep at the sanctuary and is unlikely to come up to you unless she’s been able to observe you from afar on several occasions and decided you’re safe to approach. So, when she comes over to say hello, especially for the first time, it’s extra special.


Gracie was born at the sanctuary at 5am on January 10th, 2020. Gracie is Betty's baby girl. Betty was already pregnant when she arrived at the sanctuary. Read Betty's rescue story to learn more.

Spunky and cute as a button, each day Gracie is exploring/learning about what life with momma Betty, step-dad Sid, and a flock of feathered aunties is like here at Lily's Place Animal Sanctuary!

It's been such a joy to watch Gracie grow into a playful teenager. She's the shyest sheep at Lily's Place, so it's extra special when she comes over for a nuzzle or a scratch behind the ears. 


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