Milo was a 3-week old duckling when she arrived at the sanctuary in 2020.


Milo is a spunky little duck who weights less than 2 lbs (despite being a full grown adult).


Milo loves to swim, dig in the garden, cackle with her friend Daisy, and sleep under our lawn chairs when she's done exploring.


Milo and Daisy, two baby call ducks (3-week old ducklings) found a forever home with us on May 30th, 2020.

Milo and Daisy were the first set of babies to arrive that warm summer weekend. Orphan Annie & Punky Brewster 🐑 showed up the very next day! ⁣⁣
Milo and Daisy were purchased from a breeder and given as an unexpected gift for mother's day to a family who wasn't prepared for them. The family didn't have the proper setup to keep them long-term and searched high and low for a good home for Milo and Daisy. Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary connected the family with us and the rest is history! ☺️⁣⁣


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Milo is a feisty little lady who's always up for an adventure! She checks out every garden, every stream, and every corner of the barn.

She's tiny, at just under 2 lbs, and is often mistaken for not being fully grown yet. 

Milo lays eggs several times a year in clutches. Her favourite spot to hide her eggs is amongst the hay bales. If anyone tries to disturb her while she's on her (unfertilized) eggs, she'll bite them!

Outside of that though, Milo doesn't like to venture too far from where the humans are (even when she's off on an adventure).

She's the squirmiest duck at Lily's Place when it's time for routine care (like deworming and health checks), and she never runs out of things to say!  

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